Our Services


From November 2010 to present, MBM deployed over 1000 seafarers on board 14 vessels comprising of the following types: 3 Pure Car Carrier, 8 Bulk Carriers, and 3 Wood Chip/Cargo Ships that added real value to seafarers, customers and other stakeholders. This is undoubtedly due to combine efforts and hard works of all involved, in principle therefore as a manning agent we will;

  1. Devote every managerial effort to become more efficient and profitable.
  2. Continue to employ competent and fully certified seafarers for our customer in order to gain excellent standing with both local and foreign governments, maritime unions, training institution, P & I Correspondent and the likes.
  3. Control the manning process systematically; be flexible and proactive in fulfilling both seafarers and customers’ requirements, presenting innovative solutions wherever possible.
  4. Keep excellent market knowledge and ability to respond quickly to any changes in order to provide a sustainable service to customers.
  5. Become a market preference in terms of high quality service.

Our Mission

  1. Maintain pools of highly qualified, motivated and dedicated seafarers who fulfill the demanding requirements 2in safeguarding the safety of ship and the environment.
  2. Lifetime Profession- Develop training and education program that involves many initiatives geared towards ensuring that personnel starting their employment with MBM are given every opportunity to progress their career through the ranks and via shore-based employment.
  3. Provide a decent and stable working environment so that both seafarers and shore staff can contribute to the best of their abilities.
  4. Transparency and Honesty- Be fair and have corporate financial activities comply with rule of law.