Company Profile

MOT-BARKO MANILA (MBM) is an integrated seafarer supplier and maritime service provider. With a team that brings together over years of experience, we pride ourselves on adopting a personalized approach towards all our client and colleague in the industry. Drawing on the support of our principal from Tokyo in the marine and shore-based industry, we have established last 12th November 2010 and aim to become one of the fastest growing manning companies in the business. Our dedicated team is well-prepared round-the-clock with prompt response and instant updates.

Our Goals

Our mission is to work in partnership with our foreign principal and local shareholder to maximize manning efficiency in order to achieve their objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner. Quality of service is a hallmark of MOT-BARKO MANILA’s operating philosophy. Operating with integrity, prioritizing both our principals’ and seafarers’ interests, coupled with our stringiest quality and service standards, has made our company to be the preferred service provider to Filipino seafarers and our foreign principal in the field of manning industry.

Our Solutions

We will listen to both our seafarers and principals’ requirements in order to provide them with more cost-effective solutions with our staff fully-trained, accommodating and totally proficient in manning business in line with the latest industry requirements. Competent people with Commitment to serve will ensure Safety and Quality.

Our Philosophy


Safety and Quality of service is a hallmark of MOT-BARKO MANILA’s operating philosophy. We view our principal and partners and their concerns and requirements are paramount. We strive to continuously provide better, more efficient service to all our as well as their clients. Our team is well-prepared, with accurate and reliable information updated instantly on a personal basis.


We adhere to service consistency for all kinds of orders or instructions, whether big or small, and we are committed to response on timely manner. Easier business transaction, manages the seafarers pooling and training without any hassle.


MOT-BARKO MANILA works with strategic partners- Barko International (Manila) and Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co. Ltd (Tokyo) to help both seafarers and ship owners benefit from our resources and opportunities. This corporate ethos, coupled with combined local market knowledge, enable us to focus on issues unique to principal’s client requirements. No matter where you require our services, MOT-BARKO MANILA has the resources and expertise to serve the manning and seafaring industry..